Congratulations to the Werthman family!!!

Jump 4it would love to congratulate the Werthman family on their purchase of Clyde

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3 Responses to Congratulations to the Werthman family!!!

  1. Sandie Wolfe says:

    I hope all is going well with Clyde!!! Everyone looks very happy!! I miss him very much. Give him a butterscotch and a kiss on the noes from me. Sandie Wolfe

  2. Lacey Wildhage says:

    I hope you guys enjoy him. I’ve known Clyde for a long time. He’s been that special guy since he was a three year old. Lacey Wildhage

  3. katie werthman says:

    Thank you. We love him so much. He is the best thing that ever happened to our family. Going to ride Clyde is all my girls wanted to do all summer. Now they run out of school and cant’ wait to go to the barn to see him. Sweetest boy ever!!! Giving him plenty of treats, butterscotch and kisses. Katie Werthman

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