2013 Show Schedule

Here is the tentative show schedule options for 2013
2013 Show Season Options

February 8th-10th NIHJA Fields and Fences

March 22-24 NIHJA Fields and Fences (Spring Break)

April 19-21 NIHJA Fields and Fences

May 3-5 NIHJA Lamplight, Wayne
19th PTS Crosswinds, Marengo
31-2nd NIHJA Lamplight, Wayne

June 14-16 NIHJA Crosswinds, Marengo
21-23 NIHJA Silverwood, Wisc
30th PTS Fields and Fences

July 12-14 NIHJA Crosswinds, Marengo
19-21 NIHJA Silverwood, Wisc
28th PTS Crosswinds

August 2-4 NIHJA Ledges, Roscoe
9-11 NIHJA Brighton Farm, Antioch
18th PTS Fields and Fences
30-1st NIHJA Fields and Fences

September 8th PTS Crosswinds
13-15 NIHJA Tower Hills, Hampshire
26-29 NIHJA Lamplight (FINALS)

October 5-6 PTS Fields and Fences (FINALS)

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